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Your subscription

One monthly payment gives you access to all of our playlists. From your sign-up date, subsequent monthly payments are automatic. Switch between playlists whenever you choose. Select the style that is right for your business. Also you can add several playlists to play one after the other via our JUKEBOX or use our SHUFFLE option to vary the playlists. The music is 100% exempt from PRS/PPL licensing, meaning there are no further fees to pay.

No contract. Cancel your subscription at any time. Once you cancel, no more monthly payments will be taken.

One subscription covers one premises. Up to 5 users can login on the same subscription, so if your premises has more than one room and needs a different kind of music you can chose a playlists to suit your mood. If you want to play the music in several premises, simply set up a subscription and unique password for each.

The playlists

Our ad-free and varied playlists are available 24/7. They provide the freshest and finest licence-free music produced in the UK. Access over 20 Playlists with more added on a monthly basis. Set the right atmosphere for your customers at any time of the day. You choose what is right for your business. Change the mood and tempo whenever you wish by switching between playlists.

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The Members' Lounge

Once you subscribe, log in to the Members' Lounge to view and select the playlists. Edit your contact details, check your subscription status and cancel further monthly payments if you decide to leave us. View and download your licence-free certificate which verifies your right to play our on demand music.

No contract. Easy cancellation. On demand licence free music.

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Streaming on your devices

Our music can be streamed easily by playing the music on your computer, mobile or tablet and connecting that to a speaker using bluetooth or an auxillary cable. The following links show more information on this subject:

How to Use Amazon Dot as a Computer Speaker

How to Connect Alexa to Your Computer

Unfortunately AKM Music Streaming is not available as a service on Sonos at the moment.