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Licence Free Music

Our music playlists are exempt from PRS PPL licence fees.

Our playlists

We add new Playlists each month. Sample short previews of just some of playlists available to members. Click on the play button.

  • Upbeat

    positive grooves

  • Classical

    romantic, orchestral

  • Cool

    pop, jazz grooves

  • Easy

    easy listening

  • Relax

    calm and soothing

  • Positive Moods

    bright & happy

  • Pastoral Moods

    warm rich orchestral strings

  • Lounge

    pop, jazz grooves

  • Easy Listening

    easy listening

  • Chill Zone

    calm and soothing

  • Pop

    bright and upbeat

  • Relaxing Strings

    classic moments

  • Summer Grooves

    pop and jazz grooves

  • Easy Grooves

    easy listening

  • Pure Relaxation

    chilled and relaxing

  • Christmas Music

    jolly festive music

  • Slow & Relaxing

    ease away the tensions of a busy day

  • Vocals

    vocal ballads

  • Christmas Carols

    Chilled Christmas Carols

  • Piano Moods

    Solo Piano

  • Happy Days

    Music to uplift your day

  • Love is In the Air

    Love & Romance

  • Indian Flavours

    Music for Indian Restaurants

  • Easy Jazz

    Laidback Vibes

  • Chilled Pop

    Pop grooves & chilled vibes

  • Exercise Class

    Energetic and Upbeat

  • A Taste of Latin

    Summer vibes

  • Swingtime Jazz

    A bit of nostalgia

A lazy listener with stereo
A lazy listener with stereo
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Continuous music

With no ad interruptions you can play music constantly in your business 24/7. Play on your mobile, tablet, speaker, PC or other devices. Switch playlists at any time to enhance mood and customer experience.